Brexit & Your Move

As European Removal specialists we are keeping a close eye on Brexit and how it will affect our customers.

We have created this page to detail how the on-going negotiations will impact your move and to reassure you that our professional services can still be relied on.

TLC Movers does not currently anticipate any serious risks to post-Brexit European removals, and our customers can be reassured that we have contingency plans in place to manage the risk profile.

Proposed Deal

Although it is not yet clear is May’s proposed deal will make it through parliament we are encouraged by the clear commitment from both sides to continue to work in close collaboration.

The proposed deal allows for a 21 month transition period where free movement for both goods and people will continue – this means there will be no additional border or goods checks for your move!

All signs point towards a comprehensive free trade eventually being signed between the EU and the UK; this is expected to include a tariff free provision for international removals.

New Deal Scenario

In the case that May’s deal is not approved by the British parliament then it is likely that a second deal will be offered to the UK.

Such a deal would likely be similar to the deals with Canada or Norway plus some additions. There is no mainstream support for a Brexit deal that does not respect existing trading relationship.

These deals look to keep trading relationships open and do not pose a significant risk to your move at this stage. This page will be updated as the situation progresses.

No Deal

In the case of no deal being reached before March 2019 then relationships between the EU and the UK have soured to such an extent that we are forced to revert to WTO and WCO rules to manage your move.

TLC Movers have contingency plans in place for all moves booked for the start of 2019 in case of additional delays and custom checks crossing borders into Europe.

We have an established base of European citizen drivers and packers we can rely on in case of issues with working visas for British citizens.

Most European countries allow tariff free import of personal goods that were owned and used outside of Europe for at least 6 months before your removal date. We are already experienced in this process for our non European customers and can provide this service to UK customers if need be.

Whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations TLC Movers are ready to adapt to the situation and keep your move stress free