From our CEO to the guys and girls behind the scenes that support our customer service and removals teams, everyone at TLC Movers UK understands the part they have to play in delivering an outstanding customer service.

We don’t cut corners on customer service training and one-to-one mentoring for every team member and we feel this is reflected in the industry-beating level of service our customers enjoy.

Our trained, specialist team is a happy bunch and never happier than when they’re making sure you get everything you need when you need it.

image of accredited mover packing a removal

When you book your transportation and package service you’re guided through every stage of what is an exciting process. Far from being stressed – it’s our goal to ensure you enjoy the whole experience, from requesting your quotation through to delivery your precious household goods. Documents are usually emailed to you with full ‘plain English’ explanations of what to do next. We’ll confirm receipt of anything you send us and we’ll let you know when we need more.

When you choose TLC Movers UK, we explain fully what happens during the booking process; how long each step takes and more. This means that you can plan your timetable secure in the knowledge that we’ll deliver your items in excellent condition and on time as promised.