If your company is moving premises, you’ve got a big logistical job on your hands. You’ll need to manage everything from potentially relocating staff to ensuring telecommunications continuity to making sure your new site has the right signage.

You don’t want to have to worry about your office furniture or light machinery too.

That’s where we come in. Utilising exactly the same level of care that we offer to our residential customers, we can be relied upon to considerately pack and transport your desks chairs, computers, cabinets, photocopiers etc and unload them at the other end into the correct rooms.

The key to our success is in planning – we’re meticulous in our approach and we work collaboratively with your business to minimise interruptions and ensure business continuity. To us it doesn’t matter if you’re moving up the road or to the European mainland – we’ll plan everything to the tiniest detail and we’ll treat your assets with the respect you would if you were moving yourself. And don’t forget, our staff are highly trained in not only removals logistics but customer service – we’re here to minimise your stress.

Get in touch with our business removals specialists today to find out how we can save your business significant hassle and all the associated costs of unwanted downtime.

image of an accredited mover packing a removal