Packing up a home can be the most daunting stage of any house move. It’s often a great opportunity to spring-clean away some long-held junk but most of our customers find it far more time-consuming and stressful than they ever imagined.

That’s why we offer to take on that burden for you.

We have specially-trained staff who are able to pack up a room – very carefully – at speeds you wouldn’t believe, utilising a range of bespoke specialist packing materials that are suited to any and all applications. We label each box or package so we know where it needs to be unpacked at the destination, and we work hard to ensure your goods are shown the utmost respect and attention.

Our staff are trained to leave nothing to chance, to ensure goods are boxed suitably, loaded and unloaded with care and arrive looking every bit as pristine as when they left your old premises.

Be it a cutlery drawer, a wardrobe of suits and dresses, the contents of a junk room or a grand piano – our Move Assured accredited removals specialists are here to make your life easier!

image of packaging boxes and materials ready for a removals job