Sometimes the so-called “chain” of house purchases doesn’t go smoothly. Sometimes people need to move before their current home is sold, and sometimes their home sells before the new one is ready to be occupied.

At TLC Movers UK we realise what a stressful time this can be so we offer some respite as part of our removals package – storage for your belongings until they can find their new home..

With the same passion, care and diligence that we transport your precious belongings, we’re able to store them for whatever length of time suits your personal circumstances, so you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting in the way of your old home’s new tenants.

The added benefit is that we are able to pack your stored goods in such a manner that they’re well protected from the elements and each other during storage, and can then be very easily loaded onto our haulage vehicles for their onward journey to your destination.

image of our professional indoor storage